We All Have A Voice!

We must ensure that all voices are being heard.

People are standing up … and you can too! Here are a few links to about how you can have your voice heard, and others who have been sharing their voice on Muskrat Falls and other issues of environmental degradation.

15) Stand up, Join in and Be Heard! Fearless Summer – This Summer we’re escalating the movement against extreme energy. JUNE 2013

14) Muskrat Falls is Constitutionally challenged – Brad Cabana sharing and provoking on Rock Solid Politics – May 25, 2013

13) Jim Learning’s arrest, hunger strike and release. However will people be heard.  A strong man with strong conviction!

12) The Robert Bond Papers Continue to offer insightful questions that need to be asked:

11) NunatuKavut Youth to protest the Muskrat Falls project – CBC – Feb 1, 2013

10) Lower Power Rates Alliance – A movement in Nova Scotia against what they too believe is an bad deal!

9) For The Record – Blog Talk Radio For the Record will be a series of shows dedicated to the Muskrat Falls debate.

8) Open Line:

7) Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

6) Idle No More – This movement of peaceful for persistent protests which started in reaction to Bill C 45 which would affect not only Indigenous people but also the lands, water and the rest of Canada.

5) Harper Visits Labrador to announce the loan guarantee November 30, 2012 …

4) Rallys f0r Democracy across Newfoundland and Labrdor today! – November 18, 2012

3) Another group trying to protect THEIR river! Safeguarding the future of the Romaine River

2) NDP Petition to Government to have a PUB review of Muskrat Falls — Print — Get Signatures — Send them in!

1) Sign the Petition that calls for a government to have the PUB (Public Utilities Board) examine ALL the options and allow a Referendum on Muskrat Falls Hydro Development.



One thought on “We All Have A Voice!

  1. Muskrat Falls is not the best Option for future power in NL. It will be a enviromently disaster, We can”t accept the destruction it will cause Labrador, There are other means of obtaining hydro sources in this great land of ours. Put we have to find a way to get the government to listen, Get the People to listen. People are you prepared to sell your children futures, For Nalcor and Alderon to get cheap hydro rates. do all the destruction they can, fill their pockets with money. Your children will be cleaning up the mess and your great grandchildren will be still paying the bills.

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