Papers and Studies

I am making a collection of papers, documentaries and studies on the issues surrounding Mega Dams:

8) DAMOCRACY The Movie A documentary that debunks the myth of large-scale dams as clean energy and a solution to climate change. It records the priceless cultural and natural heritage the world would lose in the Amazon and Mesopotamia if two planned large-scale dams are built, Belo Monte dam in Brazil, and Ilisu dam in Turkey. DAMOCRACY is a story of resistance by the thousands of people who will be displaced, and a call to world to support their struggle. More info at

7) Scott Midgley is a Master’s student at the University of Manchester studying planning.  He is working on a Master Thesis around the Muskrat Falls Environmental Assessment process, the opportunities and barriers to participation in the process, and whether the views of different groups have been included, properly represented and taken into consideration. He is collecting thoughts and opinions from stakeholders.

6) The United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2000 stated that 40% of streams, 45% of lakes, and 50% of estuaries in the USA were assessed not clean enough for fishing or swimming. Water Quality Conditions in the United States

5) Dam Truths … “A compilation of case studies about populat struggles against dams”

This was shared with me from Densie Cole.  she recommends you to note Chapter 3: “The Walls of Colonization: Hydroelectric dams and Indigenous communities in Canada.” Also, go to page 13 “Dam projects in Canada highlight the federal government’s failure to uphold its obligations to indigenous communities.”

4) Experts speaking around issues surrounding mercury and bio-accumulation:

3) Radio Show about Dams around the world … Worth a listen: Dam Shame: Rivers and Resistance – Making Contact Jan 22, 2013

2) Documentary: People of a Feather

  • Have you seen this film?  An amazing look at how hydro damming has effected the Hudson Bay ecosystems by altering the seasonal changes and forcing the local animals to try an adapt to unpredictable ice and currents

1) World Rivers Day: read the “Key Issues” section if you have limited time.


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