In the Media

Though I cannot say that the media coverage has been spectacular on the issue, Muskrat Falls remains well in the public eye.  I would like to personally encourage our local reporters to dig a little deeper!

Have suggestions and links?  Please leave them in the comments below!

Here is some of what I have found to be useful as I dig a little deeper myself including media releases from various official sources (POV = opinion pieces):

34) With the Maritime Link is being debated, many people are encouraging proponents to consider how “Green” the project really is.  Environmental concerns about Muskrat Falls (12min) – CBC June 4, 2013

33) “Short-term gain for long-term pain.” Muskrat Falls fallout may be too late to reverse – Cape Breton Post – May 21, 2013

32) Nova Scotia’s role in it all …

31) This editorial piece is worth the read for its simplicity and reality: The emperor’s new hydroelectric dam  – The Western Star – July 30, 2012 (POV)

30) CBC – 1976 article about mercury in the waters in Quebec: James Bay Cree

29) Hydropower Dams Hamper Migrating Fish Despite Passage Features, Study Finds – Jan 16, 2013

28) Muskrat Falls and the Nova Scotia Conneciton:

27) NunatuKavut calls for Muskrat Falls negotiations after federal court ruling – NTV – Jan 9 2013

26) New treaty being pursued regaurding Global Mercury levels.  A real issue that needs serious consideration!

25) NunatuKavut appealing court decision – The Telegram – Jan 8, 2013

24) Top ten sanction countdown – The Labradorian – Dec 31, 2012

23) Government is hiding facts on Muskrat Falls (POV) – The Telegram – Dec 28, 2012

22) The filibuster of Christmas 2012.  The reality is that since the PCs will hold the party line, this is symbolic.  The majority government will put the project through.  Sad but true:

21) Muskrat Folly – Financial Post – Dec 18, 2012

  • Strong Sentiment: “The governments of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Canada have teamed up to deliver what may prove to be the worst hydroelectric project ever in Canada.”

20) Inuit concerns over downstream impacts of Muskrat Falls still being ignored, says President – Nunatsiavut Government – Dec 18, 2012

  • “The Premier left the impression the Nunatsiavut Government endorses Muskrat Falls, and indicated that we have been consulted on the project,” says President Leo. “That is simply not the case.

19) N.L. to proceed with $7.5B Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project – CTV – Dec 17, 2012

18) Inuit group concerned about Muskrat Falls – Cape Breton Post – Nov 28, 2012

  • Good to see some media outside of Newfoundland and Labrador!
  • “Nalcor has said there will be no measurable effects on mercury levels in the lake from the Muskrat Falls project.” PLEASE REFERENCE: governmentdocuments #4

17) Muskrat Falls in Federal Court today – The Telegram – Nov 26, 2012

16) Environmental, native groups challenge Muskrat Falls project in Federal Court – Canadian Business – Nov 26, 2012

15) Editorials, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor of the St. John’s newspaper, The Telegram, which reflect negatively on the Muskrat Falls project as presented to the PUB:  compilation is from June 1, 2011, to February 27, 2012

14) Concern and suspicion grow as green light looms for Muskrat Falls – The Independent – November 17, 2012

13) Protesters want more input on Muskrat Falls – CBC – November 18, 2012

12) A collections of articles from The Telegram (up until Nov 9)

11) Democratizing Muskrat Falls – The Telegram – November 18, 2012 (150 people by days end!)

10) NDP hosts public forum on Muskrat Falls – NTV  – Nov 9, 2012

9) Demand for new energy is clear: government – The Telegram – Nov 9, 2012

  • If the need is clear — please give me the NEXT best option so I can choose!

8) POV A view from Labrador: Dey took de-bate – The Independent – Nov 9, 2012

7) Nalcor and one of the 2041 Energy Inc lawyers wrangle over water management rights with respect to Hydro-Québec’s water rights – The Telegram – Oct 24, 2012

6) So much for Nalcor being green – The Telegram – Oct 20, 2012

5) Critics of Muskrat Falls project warn of secret deals for mining firms. – CTV News – September 30, 2012

  • I can appreciate that we need to incentivize industry.  However we are at serious risk of running serious overages that even those who will not benefit from the development will have to pay for.

4) Dunderdale is calling for experts … however they are already there! – The Telegram – September 25, 2012

3) Dunderdale lashes Muskrat opponents in speech (recorded speech, MF references between minute 5 and 7 and in particular between minute 21 and 32 and again towards the end) – CBC – October 13, 2012

  • The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Also a little off put by how smug she is about it all.

2) Consultant calls for more oversight on Muskrat Falls – The Telegram – October 9, 2012

1) SEE where we are talking about: a helicopter tour over Muskrat Falls and Gull Island – The Telegram – August 20, 2012


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