There is more then one way to secure our energy needs.  Everything from conservation practices to proactive construction to wind and tidal.  It is always important to remember that no form of energy is without some environmental impact.

Here are some opinion pieces, articles, research and real sucess stories from around the world in the area of energy conservation and production.

Have suggestions and links?  Please leave them in the comments below!


10) Bladeless, funnel-based wind turbine claims huge efficiency gains – – May 12, 2013

9) Science is surfacing that could make solar power much more economical!

8) Home Grown Solutions.  With the recent challenges at Holyrood there is a question if we are using the rest of our resources on the island to the best of our abilities.  Here is some of the feedback on the recent ideas of rotating power outages.  And I am on the hunt for the articles that look at generation stations on the island that are work at much less then full capacity.

7) Renewables in Germany:

6) The World Wind Energy Association is watching the global use of Wind Power grow at amazing rates.

5) Geothermal in Manitoba (yes, they do more then just hydro)

4) Real projects happening in New Brunswick:

3) Wind Power at Upper Churchill (would love any information about what happened on this):

2) Scotland and Wave Power:

1) Australia and Wind Power:


3 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. I have 3 letter online at the Telegram on ENERGY EFFICIENCY. we are presently wasting more than 1/3 of our electricity. Especially for heat and hot water, newer units use less than half the electricity, and it cost less than a quarter compared to new generation sources. Most power companies use this approach, and help household to pay for this and their yearly cost are way down then. My articles give the details on this. We are 25 years behind the times here in Nfld. Check out EFFICIENCY VERMONT, EFFICIENCY NOVA SCOTIA, ETC and you wil see the way the world is going on this.

  2. Ventus’ height of the land project should be included as an alternative. It was a large wind project which was proposed at the Upper Churchill site in 2006(ish).

    From Denise: THANKS for this. I have done a quick research and found a few old documents about the project. I have not had a chance to review them fully, however I will gladly share!

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