Environmental Assessment: opportunities and barriers

Scott Midgley asked me to share this with our readers and on our Facebook Group…


Were you involved in the Environmental Assessment process for the Lower Churchill Project?

Did you attend public hearings as part of the Joint Panel Review or participate in any other community consultation activities prior to the hearings?

Did you want to become involved, but were unable to for whatever reason?

If ‘yes’ to any of the above, student Scott Midgley wants to hear from you!

Over the next few months, Scott is working on a short research project and hopes to speak to anyone involved in the Environmental Assessment for the Lower Churchill hydro generation project. He is interested in your opinion of the Environmental Assessment process, the opportunities and barriers to participation in the process, and whether the views of different groups have been included, properly represented and taken into consideration. Further information can be found at http://muskratfallsresearch.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/call-for-participants/. Please feel free to contact Scott if you would like to participate, at scott.midgley@mun.ca.



Where ever we stand now, what ever will come down the road, there is always something to be learned!

Scott Midgley is a Master’s student at the University of Manchester studying planning, but previously studied a MA in geography at MUN examining the socio-economic and environmental dimensions of mining in the Arctic. As part of his current course, he very interested in what’s going on regarding Muskrat Falls.  He would like to examine whether the environmental assessment process proceeded as a method/tool that empowered or disempowered particular people’s voices, using key informant interviews.

I know that there are many people out there would would have something to say on this matter.  And I would be interested to know if Scott will have the opportunity to share this research with a larger audience.   However most exciting is that the question is being asked … and I support anyone interested in looking deeper.

Please take a moment to review his site!





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