Convorsations with the Premier (‘s office)? And Mandy :)

With my continued concerns, and since Premier Dunderdale was claiming that no one had approached HER with concerns about the project.  I thought I best address her directly.  So I did … in November.

Good old Mandy at Nalcor responded in February!  I guess that is the “appropriate attention” ….


Nov 23, 2012

Dear Premier,

I have recently learned that there are 12,000 fathoms of communal fishing gear set in Lake Melville every year.

In this day and age we know that a return to such practices in sustainable ways would only benefit our Environment, so I would assume we would continue to be supportive of having healthy fish to eat.

There is still higher then normal mercury levels in the region from Churchill Falls.

When will there be an environmental assessment with respect to Muskrat Falls to ensure the safety of these people who are living in part off the land?

Denise Hennebury
Mount Pearl


Nov 23, 2012

Dear Denise:

Thank you for your email to Premier Dunderdale.  Please be assured that your correspondence will be given appropriate attention.


Chantalle Hull
Office of the Premier


Hummm … so MANDY (see my last post) got back to me.  You remember Mandy right??  Earlier she was responding from

This day she is responding from:


Feb 21, 2013

Dear Ms. Hennebury,

Thank you for your inquiry.
As part of the Lower Churchill Project Hydroelectric Generation Project (Project) Joint Review Panel (JRP) environmental assessment process Nalcor completed modeling for the expected mercury concentration elevation and transport in the Churchill River system. The modeling predicts major flushing at the mouth of the river resulting in baseline levels in Lake Melville (see Nalcor’s response to JRP Information Request, Volume 8, IR JRP.166). Nalcor will implement an extensive monitoring program throughout the Churchill River system below Muskrat Falls to confirm methyl mercury concentrations from the tailrace into Lake Melville. This program will include water, fish and wildlife sampling in the river valley and the results will be made available to the public. Consumption advisories will be issued in consultation with Health Canada based on the results, including for Lake Melville in the case that methyl mercury levels increase. For further information, please reference applicable Nalcor Responses to Information Requests related to methyl mercury and the information compiled in the environmental impact statement at the following link:
In addition to the monitoring program to occur in the river valley, Nalcor will conduct a human health risk assessment throughout the Upper Lake Melville region. This assessment will include determining pre-Project baseline levels of mercury in residents and follow-up sampling. This information will assist in the implementation of consumption advisories. Nalcor has prepared a Human Health Risk Assessment Preliminary Report  which is available in Responses to Information Requests Volume 8, Attachment E at the above link.
Mandy Norris
Thanks again Mandy,

And I apologize that this was forwarded on to you when I was hoping to get an answer from my government representatives. That’s politics I guess.




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