Back as I was Starting to ask questions … Oct 2011

I thought it was abut time to post some communications I have had with various people at government and Nalcor around the project … let’s begin in the fall of 2011 when I began my own research.

I am about to go through my email and share a few more of these …

Oct 20, 2011

Hello Ms. Hennebury,

Andrea Power, Constituency Assistant to MHA Steve Kent forwarded an email of questions that you had regarding Muskrat Falls.  Listed below is the reply from the department with respect to your question.

1) Does the muskrat falls plan include ridding the province of fossil fuel burning energy?  And what is the time frame on that?

Output from the Muskrat Falls Project will be used to meet the growing demand for electricity on the Island and to displace oil-fired thermal generation at Holyrood. 

There are currently 22 isolated communities in Labrador and on the Island which remain isolated form the interconnected grids.  These communities rely on diesel generated electricity.  One of these communities, Ramea, is the site of a wind-hydrogen-diesel pilot project and, should this technology prove to be commercial, then we may employ the same technology in other communities. 

In Labrador, Government is funding a second study into identifying wind or small hydro sites that can provide all or some of the energy needs of the isolated communities. 

This work is ongoing.

2) We need to see a map that shows where the transmission line will go down through the island

Attached is a link to the Lower Churchill Project.  You may find this beneficial (old link)

Should you require any further information, please contact


Mr. Charles Bown

Associate Deputy Minister, Energy

Natural Resources


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