A Little Muskrat Rant

I don’t know if it is the smugness of our premier, the complete lack of respect the MPs seem to have for one another or blatant disregard the party has for the people who will be most closely effected by the Muskrat Falls project, however something just makes me uncomfortable about the whole thing.

And we are not talking about a one time issue.  We are looking at a systematic problem where business trumps good government and short term gains outweigh long term effects.

This is everything from Muskrat Falls to our choice to buy water from Figi instead of indulging in the highly regulated water from out taps.  From an environmentalist (as I am told I am) who tries to be a little better every day, how is it we can get away with the big mistakes?  Right!  Manufactured Demand!  Have you seen the Story of Stuff?  You should, nuff said, moving on …

Oh, actually … speaking of videos … I felt quite enlightened I after watching People of a Feather last week.  Then I subsequently became much more frustrated.  If the animals hold out after the dam is build, if the mercury is not such a public health concern, certainly no one will worry much about the changes of ice salinity patterns in Lake Melville.  Can’t even get started on that today.

Back to our government …

After a ceremonial filibusterer in the House before Christmas, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador can be assured that democracy has done their job, there was a vote, and since I am SURE no one’s job felt threatened along the way it was as fair as fair can be.  I am feeling a little bitter today and this may come out in my post.  So stick with me if you can.

Now that democracy has been served, we can move onto the next step, you know, getting the rest of the job approved.  Because, you see, this isn’t just about building a dam … we have to move that energy far and wide.  We have to get the energy to the island and then across again to Nova Scotia (assuming that in the end, they feel it is as good of an idea as Dunderdale believes).

The transmission lines have been a curiosity for me.  They will have to cross Labrador, go under the strait, make to the island, interrupt caribou habitat, pass over the island and then go under the sea again to Nova Scotia.  Nothing can go wrong over such a distance, right?  No wait, they are anticipating problems in the strait: icebergs for instance!  But there is a plan … simply redirect the currents …you know … the ocean currents.  Yah, nothing can go wrong there!

Let’s call this one a rant!

I cannot even keep my thoughts straight. So instead I will give you a break from reading, let you get back to your regularly scheduled research and come back soon with a less surface and more through provoking look at the issues.

Thanks for listening.



2 thoughts on “A Little Muskrat Rant

  1. Salt spray is a very big problem on the Northern Peninsula, it trips out lines a lot so the reliability is therefore an issue . How do they reconsile this? Nalcor says salt is not a contaminant!. That is true only when the lines travel inland some distance. But this is never questioned.

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